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Med-Kit Gift Box

Med-Kit Gift Box


(A $73.94 Value)

With this med-kit, you will be prepared for any accident or disaster! Inside are a first-aid kit and trauma shears to cover all the basic scrapes and cuts. And when dealing with those wounds, you can use the included gloves and glove dispenser. If you happen to get a burn, we’ve got you covered with the WaterJel Burn Kit. Let’s hope not, but just in case you have a serious injury, we included a tourniquet and carrying pouch. And finally, we threw in some organic lip protection (tested by the military) that will withstand the harshest of conditions.

  • WaterJel Burn Kit - $23.99
  • Molle Glove Dispenser w/ Gloves - $9.99
  • Jungle First-Aid Kit - $6.99
  • Tourniquet and Shear Pouch - $9.99
  • Duke Cannon Tactical Lip Protection (2 pack) - $12.99
  • Trauma Shears - $9.99