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Safe 4 Kids Gift Box

Safe 4 Kids Gift Box


(A $71.43 Value)

We know we make a lot of cool boxes that aren’t exactly kid friendly. This kit includes no sharp edges, pointy objects, or anything to put your child in harm’s way! Inside are some awesome survival essentials such as a BattlBox LED flashlight, binoculars, and compass. Also included are three educational yet fun survival tools. The bandana and illustrated cards will help improve their tracking skills, and with the complete casting kit, they can create a real-life casting of any animal’s footprint.

  • Barska Lucid Compact Binoculars (8x21) - $14.99
  • BattlBox Flashlight - $9.99
  • Explorer Compass - $6.99
  • UST Learn and Live Tracking Cards - $3.99
  • Wazoo Tracking Field Kit (W.T.F) Bandana - $13.99
  • Animal Tracks Casting Kit - $9.50
  • BattlBox Patch - $7.99
  • BattlBox Decal - $3.99